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This form can be used to express your interest in the latest pre-orders!

Use the form below to express your interest! This isn't a commitment to buy; it's just a way for us to gauge how many of you are eagerly waiting. Remember, expressing interest does not guarantee that you'll receive the item – but it sure lets us know you're excited!

Thanks for being a part of our community! We appreciate all the love and passion you bring to the table (pun intended!). Keep those dice rolling with us at The Grand Strategium! 🎲

The way it works is simple:

1) Fill in your details, we need email and phone number (you won't be spammed!)

2) Enter in as much detail as possible about the items you're after. A good example of this would be for GW providing a link to the item on GW. Include how many items you want.

3) If you can't provide links to items then provide as many details as possible, such as Game it's for, who makes it etc

4) Submit the form, when it comes time to place our order with Games Workshop we'll tally up these numbers and request them

5) We can't guarantee GW will allocate us all the stock, so THIS ISN'T A GUARANTEE, nor is it contractually a purchase - it's helping us to determine how much to order.

Select as many items as you're interested in. Please remember this is not an intent to buy, nor is it a guarantee you'll receive these items. It depends on the allocation from Games Workshop

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